Vitor Freiredesign + storytelling + technology

I am a Storyteller, Designer of Social Experiences, and Creative Technologist.

I use design and technology to create dances for the soul, choreographing human communication. I hold a Masters at the Interactive Telecommunications Program at NYU, and have 8+ years of experience directing videos, designing interactive projects, architecting story worlds for several brands and cultural institutions in Brazil and U.S.

The range of projects below illustrates the diversity of my vision and approach.

Energy Busters
Transmedia series created for the popular soda brand Guaraná Antarctica in Brazil.
Creative Director/Founder Chá de Ideias.

IJO Dance it out
An interactive installation to connect people through dance in public spaces.
New York, 2014; Sao Paulo, 2015; Independent Project.

WVEF Tech Challenge
Global tech challenge to create a digital platform for women-owned businesses across the world. Produced for ITC (U.N. agency) in partnership with Google.
Brand Director CI&T.

The Branch
A board game where the city is the board. Project created through the Mesa&Cadeira process, leaded by Blast Theory founder, artist Ju Row Farr.
Creative, responsible for concepts and videos..

Other projects:
IJO on FILE 2015 (Founder Imagination of Things)
IJO on Circuito SESC de Artes 2015 (Founder Imagination of Things)
Academia Digital CI&T - Innovative work/formation program. (Brand Director at CI&T)
Include Day CI&T - Hackathon for people with disabilities. (Brand Director at CI&T)
The Wall of Us - Interactive project presented in NY and ICIDS 2014/Singapore.
Lost&Found - Public intervention in NY winner of Tisch Grant support, 2014.
GOBACK - Game presented at the Come out and Play Festival 2014.
Hello Stranger - Public art intervention in NY, 2013.
Twist 'N Race - Digital + Physical two players game.
Loch Ness Monster - Directing TV ad for Guarana Antarctica, created by DM9DDB. (Founder/Director Chá de Ideias)
Bradesco Ciclo Move - Directing Video for a pitch created by SapientNitro. (Founder/Director Chá de Ideias)

I'm currently leading a creative group based in Sao Paulo called Imagination of Things, using design and technology to explore new possibilities for our cultural fabric: speculate, provoke, and inspire. Take a look on our portfolio of branded inventions and prototypes.